I’m on a South Western train heading from Bracknell to Waterloo. It’s dark and wet. The businessmen I’m commuting with are falling asleep over the Evening Standard. Whether a hard day’s work or sub standard journalism was to blame will remain an unanswered mystery. The voice on the speaker tells me we’re about to arrive in Richmond.

None of this has really got my attention. In fact my attention has been turned to the Asian lady sitting opposite.  I notice that unwittingly my brogues and her cute black laced heels have been touching. Looking up I see she’s noticed the unintentional connection as well. Her eyes land on mine – dark with a hint of grey, quite beautiful. The connection has now become quite intentional. Dressed in a fitted grey suit that matches her eyes everything else has temporarily become white noise.

The driver announces the next station is Clapham Junction. Reality returns and the moment has passed. Now I’m aware of the businessmen nodding off in front of Rooney’s latest revelations, the rain against the window and the fact my shoes are touching those of a complete stranger. I shift my feet perhaps a little swiftly and suddenly we have mobile phones to attend to.

It seems I have been afflicted by a condition that affects many modern Men and Women. Generally we think too much. Evolution (if it even exists) has made us a longer living, but ultimately boring species. We rely upon the so called controversial and inflammatory acts of the new breed of ‘talentless’ celebrities who live the unthinking, care free lives we all secretly wish we could lead. At least some of the time.

If I’d had the courage to do the unthinkable and strike up a conversation with this lady what would have happened? Tidal wave? Earthquake? Would the business men drooling down their shirts have smirked? Maybe all three, maybe none at all. I may have ended up going for a drink discovering she had a love for the films of Guillermo Del Toro, a passion for the Smashing Pumpkins and a dream to one day own a little villa in the South of Italy.

Then again she might have been a lover of High School Musical, the music of Cheryl Cole and a dream to one day have her wedding featured in the pages of OK magazine.

I’ll never know as I’m a Man who thought too much. Are you?

When you were here before,
Couldn’t look you in the eye
I wish I was special
You’re so fuckin’ special

Radiohead, Creep