Today was one of those rarest of days – a day where you are naturally in step with the world.

I have taken a walk along the wooded Parkland route towards Alexandra Palace, revelling in the rustling of tree branches, the smell of flowers and foliage found only in the heart of a glorious British Summer and the nods shared with fellow wanderers enjoying the unexpected peace and tranquility offered by this four mile stretch in London.

Parkland Route Walk - Crouch End

Refreshed and energised I’ve hit the gym, even taking the time to do a few crunches – an aspect of my training I do my best to ignore most of the time. Not today.

Upon my return I’m inspired to whip up a feast of roast parsnips, carrots and potatos, glazed with olive oil, rosemary and thyme served with some butter roasted turkey and sage and onion stuffing. A tasty shake up to my usual Sunday fare of chicken breast and frozen veg mix.

To finish I take in Shrek Forever After at my local Cineworld – a Film with a character and personality that fits perfectly with the day.

Who did I share this day with? Me, myself and I. Through no concious effort I have not spoken to a soul till 8pm this evening.

Is it strange that one of the most purely enjoyable days I’ve had for some time has been spent entirely on my own? Should I be worried that I’m an anti social outcast? Here in the UK there is a popular belief that going out to the cinema, drinking in a bar or eating a sit down meal should be performed in groups. Where does this ideology stem from? Why is it so important to share all our experiences?

Our friends across the Atlantic, who we so regularly emulate within our social discourses are at odds with this particular mindset. It’s deemed perfectly acceptable to enjoy a drink in a bar after work or frequent a multiplex for the latest money spinner from Hollywood alone. Maybe we Brits take the word ‘alone’ too literally? Maybe it’s all down to advertising and media positioning?

Whatever the reason, if going solo on occasion labels me as abnormal I’ll happily pay the price for a day like today.

“Now I walk alone, I walk alone, Living blissfully”
Oleander – I Walk Alone